M1 105mm HE 12oz. Mug

M1 105mm HE 12oz. Mug

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Perfect for a gift for a Friend, or for some Unit Swag, Father's Day, Retirement, a Good Mess Night, Service Birthday, or as your every day mug;  Smooth Boar's 105mm HE 12oz. Mug is sure to impress your friends and get a conversation going.  

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  • Intel: Cartridge, 105mm HE, M1 Projectile

    The 105mm High Explosive (HE) M1 cartridge is semi-fixed that can be fired from most existing 105mm artillery howitzers.  It's propelling charge is made of 7 increments that can be combined to achieve various ranges.  The projectile, filled with either 2.1kg of TNT or Composition B, can be fitted with a wide variety of NATO standard fuzes.  Upon impact on the ground or proximity to a target, the projectile detonates to yield blast and fragmentation effects.

    Max Range: 11,500m